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5 Simple Vastu Tips for an Everlasting Marriage


Marriages are given a hypothetical exterior appearance while they need immense contribution and understanding required for a successful and long-lasting marriage.

Surveys conducted across the globe have shown that success in marriages can be attained with an amalgamation of various factors combined together in proper proportions such as love, understanding, care, patience, intelligence, etc.

The word, ‘understanding’ has a broad and deep meaning here. It includes patience, compromise and many other aspects which are unfortunately, found to be lacking in the modern day marriages. And this is the prime factor for most of the broken

Luck and destiny have a part to play in this; however, a bigger role is played by the built-up space where the couple resides that basically helps in shaping the marital life.

Thus, Vastu comes into the picture and becomes the deciding factor to make or mar our future. Following are the 5 simple

Following are the 5 simple Vastu tips to live a happy married life:

1.) Remove the Toilet to Fix Your Relationships – As per Vastu, the South-West is the zone of relationships and skills. If this zone is unbalanced or cut, or there is a toilet constructed in this part of your house, there can be a total chaos and confusion leading to conflicts in all the family relationships existing in that house. Therefore, a toilet in this particular zone should be removed by all means.

2.) Keep Marriage Photographs at the Right Place – The South-West is the best zone to keep your marriage photographs, albums or gifts to enhance your relationships with your spouse.

3.) Knit Your Relationships with Colours – Colours play a key role in Vastu. There are certain colours such as Red, Pink, Purple and light Orange which are generally considered as romantic colours, and help in igniting a spark in a couple’s relationship. Hence, these colours are recommended for the walls of the bedrooms of couples, located particularly in the South-South-East zone of their house.

4.) MahaVastu Remedy – To improve your marital life, place a Pair of Love Birds (made of resin) in the South-West zone of your home.

5.) Treat the Unbalanced Zones – Balancing the South-East (SE) zone is the most important treatment, as per Maha Jyotish Vastu. An unbalanced SE zone in your house can create serious problems in your marriage, as well as hamper your overall development and growth in career.


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