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The Gift of Love | Valentines Day Special


I glanced up to the sky it was covered with light clouds and was pretty blue with a tinge of yellow showing evidence that the sun is hiding behind those clouds. Fresh wind carrying the fragrance of red roses from my hand to my nose reaching my heart making me shiver, thoughts of how she will be dressed today disturbing me and then I saw her. My heart halted for few minutes. In her dark blue dress falling until her knees and contrasting with the vibrant sky, she was reflecting an angel in her. Then the only word that stroked my mind was Beautiful.

I focused my camera to her cheerful hello. I noticed her honey-like skin, so smooth and fragrant. She gladly put a red colored tie over my head and I got lost in her hazel eyes. The odor of love spread. She was on my camera roll letting me capture all the craziness boiling inside her. At one time she was laughing hysterically while making funny faces at another she was pulling me into the waters on the beach and a lot of times she was shouting like a cute freak that she is madly in love with me.

At the time when I dropped her, our last year Valentine’s Day knocked my senses. It was a beautiful day but not so beautiful for me. My love was far away from me not by distance but by attachment. She was standing beside me, having the meal with me, was roaming around too, was doing all the pretty things that a couple does but something that was missing on the day of love was Love itself.

Then I met a guardian angel, Guru Jetu Singh Thakur. He was a man of his words. He carries a unique kind of glory around him and different kinds of Positive vibes which pull you towards him. He sensed my problem from a far off distance and came to me with that life-changing solution to my misery. When I came back home that day I placed love birds in the south-west direction. That single move changed everything. He gifted me the love of my life.


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