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Simple Electric Motor at Home for Science Project


Here I have showed you to make simple electric motor for science project. Its very easy to making electric motor with battery, copper wire and magnet.

The Simple Dc Electric motor…

Things need to Build Simple Electric motor are:

1) Battery
2) 25 gauge copper wire insulated (scratch the end of both side)
3) neodymium magnets
4) rubber band
5) safety pins

Take battery and stick neodymium magnets on it with help of glue or rubber band. Tie both end of battery with another band. Insert safety pin both side of the battery help of band. Now hang copper wire in safety pins. That’s all.

You are done! Your Simple Electric motor is ready for science project. Kid’s science project easy made electric motor. You can make it with households.

Make sure both ends of copper wire are scratched well to remove insulation.

Hope this video helps to you to know How to make simple electric motor at home for your kid science project.


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